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About Us

High Five Grab and Shake .com is the brainchild of a kick ass week in New York City. This website represents the new friends we made and the good times we shared. It really warms my heart to think of how, after confessing our hatred for highfivegrabandshakes, our new found party posse lovingly took it upon themselves to launch into a ton of random high fives of a shaking manner. Some even went so far as to try and catch us out by overzealously laughing at a jokes of ours and then throwing their hands up only to inevitably be left hangin'.

We can recognise that over zealousness a million miles away...... we would vomit if we ever got caught out. Sounds like a challenge......anyone....

In saying that, the purpose of this site, is mainly entertainment. However, as entertaining as readers may find it, there is a message. Highfivegrabandshakes are a burden on society, don't be a victim. Plus, who doesn't like a little read about someone else's pet peeves.

Special thanks to our friend and fellow blogger Joe Whyte for misspelling highfivegrabandshake when trying to buy the domain behind our backs.... no hard feelings grabandhold. You are still wicked awesome.

In the picture above Joe Whyte was clearly left hangin, don't let this happen to you....

E-mail: admin@HighFiveGrabandShake.com

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