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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high five grab and shake?

A high five grab and shake is a variation of the standard high five. Which is a celebratory gesture involving two willing participants, each one raising one hand to slap the other reciprocating hand.   Hense the high.  I guess I don't have to state the obvious, but I will, the 'five' in courtesy of the standard number of fingers per hand.   The action is meant to recognise a mutual self-satisfaction or congratulations between two people. It is generally frowned upon to initiate a high five after you've done something you consider worthy, ie. you put your hand up first.  

Anyway, high five grab and shake, this generally takes place directly after the initial high five takes place. Instead of slapping hands, the participants embark on what can only be described as a 'grab and shake', replacing the slap with a grab and following the momentum through with a shake. Gettin' it?

There are varying degrees of shake usually based upon the degree of over zealousness (further detail below), involved.. For example there is a long, deep shake, which involves pulling into the shoulder and then pushing out to the other participants shoulder. Make sure you lean into it! Another example is best described as a gyrating shake. I don't think any further explanation is required here.

The heart and soul of a high five grab and shake is the initiator's over zealousness or enthusiasm. A spectator can usually spot the run up to a high five grab and shake a mile away. There is always that look of extreme passion that flashes across the initiator's face, not to mention the quick movements, a desperation to make contact with any other high fiver in the vicinity.

There are varying degrees of acceptance towards high five grab and shakes in society. Some are avid supporters, seeing nothing wrong with being enthusiastic and passionate about something, while others promptly vomit after witnessing one.

Why would anyone ever want to participate in a high five grab and shake?

Usually the gesture occurs during a heightened level of excitement, almost like an out of body experience. Most revelers go on to deny having ever participated. Some endorse high five grab and shakes simply because they want to make their friends vomit.

How can I stop a high five grab and shake from occurring?

Personally, I don't recommend it. As I mentioned above, initiator's are usually out of their minds, with excitement.  It's best to grab your barf bag and let them continue, who knows what they might do if disrupted.

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