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Hand Gestures

Friendly Hand Gestures:

arrow Thumbs Up (featured)
arrow Hand Shake
arrow A-Okay or the Old Pepper Kid
arrow Blow a Kiss


arrow Side to side wave
arrow Open/Close wave
arrow Finger Roll wave
arrow Royalty Wave (fingers together, slight turning of wrist)

Celebratory Hand Gestures

arrow Clapping
arrow High Five
arrow Fist Pump
arrow Arsenio Hall Circular Fist Pump


arrow Metal! (featured)
arrow Tomahawk (Atlanta Braves)
arrow Websiiiiite(featured)
arrow Peace
arrow Blog (featured)
arrow Hang Loose
arrow Jazz Hands
arrow Air Quotes
arrow So-So
arrow Fingers Crossed
arrow Point
arrow Poke
arrow I'm Watching You
arrow Pinky Swear
arrow Snap
arrow I can't hear you (Hulk Hogan)
arrow Wanna Fight (featured)
arrow Time Out

Obscene Gestures

arrow The Finger
arrow The Fingers
arrow The Fists ('The Finger' from Friends)

Jon Heinl doing the thumbs upCher doing metalChris doing websiiites Jon Heinl doing blawgCher challanging Nic to a fight againBrian doing a time out

If you think you can provide us with some of our missing hand gestures, please feel free to email us.

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