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High Five
Classic Mistake
As we say in our opener do not get too over zealous. No matter how excited you are, don't grab and shake!  This could be you... Never let this happen, you will look ridiculous.
High Five Wherever you see this Sign
Professional Signs
This renowned symbol of high fiving is recognised the world over.
High fiving is acceptable" everywhere. High Five Grab and Shakes may not be. Look for the symbol!
Dont be left hangin
Never Get left hangin' or fall for the grab and shake.

This high fiving is a tricky business..
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High Five Grab and Shakes Make Me Vomit

Do you find yourself getting a little over zealous in the run up to a high five? Are you such an enthusiastic celebrator that a common high five just doesn't cut it?

Or worse, has someone recently sat you down and explained the three second rule? Have you found you’ve been left hangin’ more often than not? Are more and more friends trying to ‘bring back’ the low five in your company?

Hmmm, you’ve got all the signs.

Hate to break it to you, but you are a classic highfivegrabandshaker… My sympathies.

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