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Variations of High Five
High Five Grab and Shake
A classic high five with a twist, a bit of an over zealous twist…. The hands go up, they meet 'up top', here's the kicker, they grab instead of slap, and promptly follow with a shake.

High Five Link and Shake
If you liked the High Five Grab and Shake, you are going to wet yourself over this one. It basically follows the same premise; however, instead of just grabbing hands, they link fingers!   Oh I cannot wait to get a vid up here.

The Classic High Five
In a nutshell, two participants, two hands, up high, and slap. Simple right?

Low Five
Less enthusiastic than the Classic High Five, the Low Five is an understated gesture reserved for those less prone to be center of attention, but still feel the need to celebrate. To sum it up, two participants, two hands, down low, and slap.

High Ten
You got it! Two participants, FOUR hands, up high, and slap.  OMG, how bad would a High Ten Grab and Shake be! Double Vomit.

High Ten Deluxe
OK, this is starting to get complicated to pay attention people. Start off with a High Ten, I can't believe what comes next, while keeping contact, swing hands around until they meet down low, and clap.   OMG, this looks as ridiculous as it sounds… I love it.  Might nominate this one for Nic n Cher's official handshake.

Left Hangin
Everyone's favorite to witness. This can apply to every variation of High Five. Let's not sugar coat this, it's basically a when a participant initiates but no one reciprocates. Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

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